Sunday, July 29, 2012

Citius Altius Fortius

Former complaints about the latest PCU novel aside, it is a rather perfect accompaniment the London Olympics. 

Please pardon the occasional interruption.  One finds oneself completely engrossed in such matters as Star-class sailing preliminary competitions, or archery semi-finals, or women's foil medal rounds, and it is really quite hard to concentrate on any thing else. 

And now back to our regularly-scheduled programme.  In search of Olympic-themed mystery reads, the always-informative-if-sometimes-overhwelming blog The Rap Sheet has directed me to another fine-looking mystery fiction blog called Mystery Fanfare.  Janet Rudolph, writer/editor/teacher of mystery fiction, offers this list of mysteries that may or may not be faster, higher, stronger.  Note that Rudolph also blogs about chocolate

In any case, I can report that I've read and reported on Philip Kerr's If The Dead Rise Not, and I've got the first Rebecca Kantrell next to the tub.  I'm not sure I'll dig far into Rudolph's list, but it is clear that the 1936 games provide a particularly fertile ground for mystery fiction.  1972 - not so much.  Hard to fictionalize something so tragic without trivializing it, I should think. 

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