Sunday, July 13, 2014

The adventure begins . . .

I'm not overwhelmed by the brilliance of my recent reviews here on Crime Pays, but maybe it is the material.  While I love the breadth of the Soho Crime Club offerings, and the exposure to their catalogue that the membership is offering, I'm just not blown away by many of the books I've received.  The last book that really made me think was Patrick Leigh Fermor's A Time for Gifts, and while I've got the second in that trilogy on the back of the tub, you can only take so much PLF at one time.  Also on deck are the latest Andrea Camilleri, a Benjamin Black, and Phillip Kerr - all old faves.  

But don your sou'westers, friends, for in the meantime Crime Pays is taking a brief vacation from crime and setting sail for the Pacific with Ishmael, Ahab, Queequeg and the rest of the Pequod gang.  Moby Dick, ho!  My son recently read this greatest of all seafaring adventures (gift from paternal grandparents) and not so surprisingly, thoroughly enjoyed it.  He thinks that reading Moby Dick may be the literary equivalent of a bar mitzvah.  So now that he is a man, and my manly husband has read it too, I feel a need to get on board.   The swab in our family will stick with the Babysitters Club.   

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